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World Wide Web reported Manchester United in mid-May

Le 10 February 2015, 07:02 dans Humeurs 0

buy fifa 15 coins World Wide Web reported Manchester United in mid-May this year announced the Netherlands who Louis van Gaal as coach. In leaving Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson shortly, "Red Devils" had low morale in the dressing room. Took van Gaal in July when staying at Carrington training base, vowing to build a new "Red Devils" after publicly declared external in three months "acceptance" of his coaching achievements. Now, three month period is up, van Gaal said it regretted his bombast ESPN Web site reported that the Netherlands said his coaching philosophy will take a long time to be reflected at Old Trafford. His run-in with Manchester United is still in the early stages, there is no need to answer what was accomplished result van Gaal himself admits: "I have let everybody I against Manchester United as Manager three months later, now I find this really stupid, you guys in the media have been emphasizing for three months, but no real attention to the team's performance. Every team in the ups and downs of an opportunity to improve, don't always grab several months, play a couple of games we have played such words. ”

Manchester United throw-Ho 150 million pounds in the summer to introduce a new aid, but in the first 7 rounds in the Premier League record of 3 WINS, 2 draws and 2 defeats are not ideal. However, van Gaal is confident with their rich experience, Manchester United can return to the top. In 2009 while coaching Bayern Munich team also encountered a bottleneck at first, eventually was led by Louis van Gaal, breaking into the Champions League final and won the Bundesliga title. Louis van Gaal, said: "I think the score is not important, games, team style, tactical communication and philosophy is more important, not only by the score to judge everything. ”

And the team's lineup problems,

Le 7 February 2015, 06:14 dans Humeurs 0


buy fifa coins online And the team's lineup problems, van Gaal has put it bluntly: "to be successful you must have a good Squad, and now I have to take a I think it's" broken "lineup because the team's lineup is very uneven, under difficult circumstances, to succeed than a set of ideal lineup was more difficult cases. ”

Words although so, van Gaal for United next of introduction aid plans is speak caution, has will Netherlands team of play transplant to United body of van Gaal is wants to in see had players of adapted and performance Hou again made introduction aid of plans, he said: "I not buy players of causes is because team of new system, I to buy of players must is can improved I of lineup of. So first of all, I would like to see in the players ' performance in the system, and then determine what player do I need, now I'm not so sure. ”

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Le 5 February 2015, 04:37 dans Humeurs 0

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